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• Spiti - Buddha´s Mountain Desert
7/97 Tours-Magazine, 10 pages, 11 photos in colour, 1 map.

• The Riksha-Syndrome
or: How to survive India´s three and four wheeled traffic jam... (gloss)
7/97 Tours-Magazine, 3 1/2 pages, 4 photos in colour.

• Forgotten Gods of Tibet
The explorers Aglaja Stirn and Peter van Ham interviewed by Prof. Harald Braem
6/97 Kult-Ur Notizen, 7 pages, 12 photos in b/w.

• Buddhas, Kyangs and Chinese Daggers
Adventures on the Manali-Leh-Highway
5/94 Tours-Magazine, 13 pages, 12 photos in colour, 1 map.

• In the Land of the Thousand Gods of Stone
8/94 Esotera, 6 pages, 10 photos in colour.

• Forbidden Western Himalayas
2000 kms on the world´s highest roads
8/9/10/94 Allrad-Magazine, 13 pages, 40 photos in colour, 3 maps.
Part I: Kinnaur - Melting Pot of Cultures
Part II: Spiti - Land of Gods
Part III: Ladakh - Of Monasteries, Kyangs and High Passes


• Fascinated by the Unknown - Author Peter van Ham:
Forgotten Gods of Tibet
25-9/97 Wiesbadener Kurier, 3 columns, 1 photo in b/w.

• 2000 kms through terra incognita
5/96 Wings-Magazine, 2 columns, 2 photos in colour.

• Departing on a journey into the self - Peter van Ham:
2000 kms through the Western Himalayas on the traces of Buddha 15.11.94 Rhein-Main-Press, 3 columns, 2 photos in b/w.

• Buddhist Pilgrim´s Path -
Heinrich Harrer´s 18 Stops on 448 Steps in Hüttenberg / Kärnten
10/11-9-94 Wiesbadener Kurier, 2 columns, 2 photos in b/w.

• The Gods live on the mountains -
Traditional Tibetan culture in the Western Himalayas
28/29-5-94 Wiesbadener Kurier, frontpage of the weekend magazine, 3 photos in b/w.


• Permanent exhibition
botanika Bremen
2 photographs in colour of an Apa Tani woman and a group of Tutsa dancers. July 2003.

• Body Piercing -
Medical Consequences and Psychological Motivations.
The Lancet 361: 1205-15. Pre-published online March 4, 2003.
1 photograph in colour of an Apa Tani woman.

• Government of Nagaland - Department of Tourism
2002 Several photos in colour used for brochures and posters.

• Ost-Tibet - Bruecke zwischen Tibet und China
Christoph Baumer & Therese Weber
2002 ADEVA Publishers, Graz, 1 photo in colour of Tawang monastery.

• Temple Architecture of the Western Himalaya - Wooden Temples
O.C. Handa
2001 Indus Publishing, New Delhi , 4 photos in colour of Hadimba Devi temple, Manali.

• Discover Calcutta and the East / Explore India Millenium Year
India Tourist Office
11/99 Indisches Fremdenverkehrsamt, Frankfurt. 8 photos in colour.

• In the Realm of the Queen of Saba
Carmen Rohrbach
1999 Frederking & Thaler Publishers, Munich, cover, 1 photo in colour (Old Lady at Taizz).

• Textiles, Costumes and Ornaments of the Western Himalaya
O.C. Handa
4/98 Indus Publishing, New Delhi. 13 photos in colour and 3 in black and white.

• Windprayer
Hans Fischer & Friends
1998 Audio-CD. Sonnenengel Musik label.
Cover with 17 Photos in colour (Himalaya-Panoramas in Spiti, prayer flags,

• Discover Calcutta and the East
India Tourist Office
11/97 Indisches Fremdenverkehrsamt, Frankfurt. 10 photos in colour.

• David Bowie - Seven Years in Tibet
1997 musicvideo. 3 photos in colour, appearing nine times.
(Hayagriva, Palden Lhamo, Apsara from Tabo). From “Forgotten Gods of Tibet“.

• The Weather - A multimedia discovery of a fascinating phenomenon
1997 CD-Rom by Meteo Consult, published and distributed by Navigo. Several photos in colour (clouds, fog, sunsets. Many taken in the Himalayas).

• Tibetan Medicine - East meets West, West meets East
1997 Fabri publishers, Ulm, cover, 1 photo in colour (Singhanada-Lokeshvara, Gzagli-painting from Khardang monastery, Lahaul).

• Lalitavistara - Vie et doctrine du Bouddha tibétain
1996 Editions Sand, Paris, cover, 1 photo in colour (Manjushri, Pho Gompa, Tabo).

• Sparks of Enlightenment - Buddhist Wisdom for every day
Sogyal Rinpoche
1996 Bertelsmann, cover, 1 photo in colour (Buddhist Tsa-tsa-reliquaries
in Chini, Kinnaur).

• Atlas of the World´s Religions
1994 Frederking & Thaler publishers, Munich, cover, 1 photo in colour (Shiva, Parvati and Ganesh, silverplate, Bhimakali temple, Sarahan, Kinnaur).

• 2 poems of Aglaja Stirn
2/97 Gegenwind - magazine for literature 10. 1 photo in b/w.


• Pictorial Worlds of Buddhism
18 Cibachrome-enlargements in 40x50 cm, framed.
7/98 on occasion of an aid-projects for a school in Tabo, Spiti, at Niedernhausen.
3/98 Festival `Buddhism in film´, Wiesbaden.

SLIDE PRESENTATIONS in German language

• The Seven Sisters of India
Tribal Worlds between Tibet and Burma

09/01 German Indian Society Darmstadt, app. 150 spectators

09/01 Syamatara, Austrian Tibet Support Group, Innsbruck, app. 300 spectators
05/01 German Indian Society Aachen, app. 300 spectators
12/00 Indoculture Forum, Lindenmuseum, Stuttgart, app. 200 spectators
11/00 Munich Book Festival, Munich, app. 300 spectators
11/00 Hauser Travel Information Day, Garmisch, app. 500 spectators

• Buddha´s Mountain Desert
The Secret Himalayan Heritage of Tibet (Multivision)

02/02 German Indian Society Darmstadt, app. 150 spectators

3/00 Friends of Tibet, Zurich, app. 200 spectators
2/00 Tibet Support Group / German-Indian Society Aachen, app 200 spectators
1/00 Tibet Support Group, Giessen, app. 200 spectators
12/99 Indoculture Forum, Stuttgart, app. 500 spectators

• Tabo - The Jewel in the Mountain Lotos
1000 Years of Indo-Tibetan Art and Philosophy
in a Monastery of the Western Himalayas (Multivison)

6/99 Syamatara, Austrian Tibet Support Group, Innsbruck, app. 200 spectators
11/98 Tibet Initiative, Giessen, app.100 spectators.
9/98 Buddhist Centre, Schneverdingen, app.. 80 spectators.
12/97 Theisstalschool, Niedernhausen, 600 spectators in 20 lectures
12/97 German-Indian Society, Friedrichshafen, 50 spectators.
11/97 Stuttgart Bookweeks, app. 150 spectators.
11/97 AEC, Kirchheimbolanden, app. 80 spectators .
10/97 Tibet Support Group, Kassel, app. 50 spectators.
6/97 Friends of Tibet, Zurich, 90 min, app. 80 spectators.
5/97 Museum Villa Rot, Ulm, 90 min, app. 120 spectators.
5/97 Völkerkundemuseum, Zurich, 90 min, app. 200 spectators.
4/97 German-Indian Society, Aachen, 90 min, app. 80 spectators.
4/97 Wiesbaden, Roncalli Haus, bookpresentation, 150 min, app. 200 spectators.
2/97 German-Indian Society, Luebeck, 90 min, app. 70 spectators.
9/96 German-Indian Society, Darmstadt, 90 min, app. 150 spectators.

• Himalaya - Paths towards Adventure

3/98 Berlin, International Touristfair (ITB), 45 min.
11/97 Tourist fair, Leipzig, 30 min, app. 80 spectators
10/97 Lufthansa education center Seeheim-Jugenheim, 45 min, app. 120 spectators
2/97 Lufthansa education center Seeheim-Jugenheim, 45 min, app. 40 spectators.
1/97 Neue Konzerthalle, Bamberg. Touristic event of Diercks company,
45 min, app. 200 spectators.
11/96 Press Club Frankfurt, organised by Indian Tourist Information Office Frankfurt,
25 min, app. 30 spectators.
9/96 Adventure tourism seminar of the Indian Tourist Information Office Frankfurt Steigenberger Hotel Frankfurt. 25 min, app. 100 spectators.

• From the Dalai Lama to the Great Mothers
An evening with the explorers Dr. Aglaja Stirn and Peter van Ham

4/01 Casino Society, Wiesbaden, app. 120 spectators.

• Western Himalaya
Culture, Art and Adventure along India´s Forbidden Frontiers
3/95 Wiesbaden, bookpresentation „Auf Buddhas Pfaden“, 120 min,
app. 300 spectators.

• Spiti

04/01 Redeemer Church, Niedernhausen, app. 200 spectators
11/94 Hauser Travel company information day, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, 25 min,
app. 500 spectators.


• Auf Buddhas Pfaden
2/99 Artforum Arabellapark, Munich
2/99 Library Kirchheim near Munich
5/98 Book Shop Edelmann, Nurenberg